Physiotherapy Testimonials

Thank you to all our clients who have consented to share these testimonials.See our Facebook page for more recent reviews.

"Very informative and friendly. Excellent".  Mr D J Wallis 17/02/21



" Friendly and professional service. Would highly recommend and use again.  A big thank you. Very happy with service". Ian Fish 18/01/21

"The friendliness of staff and ease of booking and first consultation is very thorough. Everyone and everything is very Covid safe and inspires so much confidence.  The therapist explained very well what they were doing and what they hoped to achieve It has all been excellent - without exception". KS 7/12/20


"Fantastic. Really simple step by step support given which made it so easy." Laura Parsons 18/11/20


"Visited Willow House with Lower back pain. I have been given exercises relevant to the injury which gave increasing relief over time.  I have been very impressed by Lesley's knowledge and professionalism. I would encourage anyone to seek your help as it ensures exercising in the correct way.  Thank you so much Leslie, your advice was invaluable and your explanations so clear and concise, your communications skills really back up your medical knowledge." CW 17/11/20

"Don't hesitate to go to Willow House, it's the best way to recovery.  I'd just like to add a massive thank you to the team for such fantastic care and warm friendship during my rehabilitation. I had been concerned about how my Achilles would heal and what strength I would have, but with the treatment and exercise, and the encouragement to complete them I now feel 100%."  13/11/20

"Second issue I have attended for and good level of advice and support given as was my previous visit.  Would advise my friends and family to come here for any issues they have." JB 12/11/2020


"I have really appreciated the work Lesley has carried out with me and I feel so much better an very confident that my symptoms will not return.  Even if they do I feel like have an excellent chance to minimise any effects I may experience. Thank you very much indeed." Derek Riley  2/11/2020

"You have made my life a lot easier and given me the exercise regime to keep me on track. Thank you."   26/08/20


"Everything has been brilliant. If it wasn't for the fact that we are moving house we would continue to come."  13/08/20


"Exceptionally friendly and professional staff. 'No dumbing down'  A full explanation of the issue is most welcome.  Too many people don't seem to take the time to explain things properly, that's not the case here. Would highly recommend to anyone with muscular skeletal issues." 23/03/20

"I can genuinely feel an improvement to the strength and stability of my knee, for which I am grateful. Thank you." 16/03/20

"Excellent service from Lesley really put me at ease and has helped getting me back to enjoying my football.  Really pleased with my progress.  Many Thanks."  Anthony Bellamy 26/2/20

"Absolutely excellent service. Best physio ever." Trevor Brown 27/1/20


"All the staff at Willow House I have had dealings with have gone above and beyond to help.  I see Becky every week and she is a total star" Elizabeth is the best first contact you could hope for." Kelly Teasdale 17/1/20


"Always a pleasure. Helpful staff. Really like the email reminders." 6/1/20


"You have given me my movement back and that is so important in my hobbies and work life.  Thank you." R Lawson 18/12/19


"Good professional service. Prompt appointments, knowledgeable staff an overall great experience." Jacob Thompson 17/12/19

"100% Thank you Lesley, so much better movement." David Clark 9/12/19

"Thank you for such great staff. They are first class in the service they provide." 3/12/19

"I always enjoy me experience here, not only for my treatment but for the friendly care of the team and help.  They never let you miss an appointment by giving you a kind reminder. And now a bigger car park its perfect! " 3/12/19


"I am completely satisfied with my treatment. Thank you so much." Carol Wiseman 3/12/19

"Many thanks to you and Roel, my back was such a problem for so long and now I pain free." Tricia Bradwell 26/3/17


"I have nothing but good things to say about the care I have received from Mary at Willow House. With her expert guidance and some hard work i am well on the road to recovery from a knee injury I sustained while kickboxing. She has taught me no end about how I should be exercising for my sport. I cannot wait to be back competing at world level and I have no doubt that I am going to end up fitter and stronger than I have ever been. "Darren Burton 18/10/16


"I love the new PhysioPod (DEEP OSCILLATION®) treatment.It was really relaxing and made my shoulder and arm feel better immediately. It seemed to make the other treatment Mary did, even more effective. I thought it would feel weird but it was really pleasant and relaxing."JR 14/6/16



"I can't thank Mary enough for her help so far with various ailments!... For years I've had problems with my shoulder and back and after just a couple of sessions the improvement is massive! I now have no shoulder pain and my movement has improved greatly. I managed to dislocate my thumb a few weeks ago and was having difficulty with swelling, discomfort and lack of movement. Mary used her new physio pod deep oscillation machine and I can already see a huge improvement after just a few days! Really recommend a visit to Willow House if you have any problems at all! " Lucy Steele 13/06/16


"Thank you to Mary for getting me back on track after hurting my neck in a car accident last year. I am doing my exercises and have found that I am loads more mobile than I was, I can even look over my shoulder instead of turning my whole body when I am cycling and have realised that I had been stiffening up for years!"SR 21/2/2016



I just wanted to say thank  you for helping me to recover so quickly from my recent back surgery.

I found our sessions very helpful and reassuring, especially in the first few weeks after my operation when my mobility was severely limited.

After following your detailed exercise plans and follow-up sessions at which we slowly increased the range and difficulty of my therapy, I am very happy to say that I am more or less back to full fitness and able to attend my weekly keep-fit class and walk 5 miles without difficulty.

Once again thank you. I know I wouldn’t have made such a quick recovery without your help.

Janet Goldsworthy 26/11/ 2015



I would like to thank you for directing me through a very tough period after my hip operation - my decision to come to you was 100% correct at the time.  I feel I have moved on a bit and will be doing Pilates in Lincoln.  Rest assured that I recommend you to all my (younger!) colleagues at work with bad backs etc and have a stock of your cards that I give out when appropriate.  I have had nothing but compliments about the way I walk now, and that is down to you and your expertise.

Jenny Kane 5/11/2015


"I wish to take this opportunity to express my thanks to Mary at Willow House.

Following a car accident in July 2014 I was given several Physiotherapy  appointments at Willow House, I have to say that Mary`s knowledge of how the body works is fantastic. “a little pressure here will ease the pain there” its just so strange how this all works. I have to say though, it actually does, and thanks to Mary who listens and understands how you are feeling, and gives just the right exercises and time scales of doing them,  I am well on the way to recovery.

Once again many thanks to Mary at Willow House.

If you have an injury or have been involved in an accident and are in need of treatment I would strongly recommend trying Willow House my view is it is the best and most professional treatment and knowledge I have received under any Physiotherapist."

Dean Forrest 05/04/2015


"Mary is an amazing lady.  I arrived describing a restriction in arm and shoulder movement resulting in pain with everyday actions - simple movements like reaching to open a window were extremely uncomfortable, or simply impossible to achieve.  Improvements began from the first visit and have increased as the exercises are easily incorporated into my daily routine.  Mary’s positive attitude and awareness in understanding my description of the problem made for a very relaxed experience.  Mary worked with my body as a whole to find the root cause - bad posture and various muscle group functions being corrected through manipulation and a technique called ‘Jones Strain and Counterstrain’.  It has been an extraordinary journey, the results far exceeding my expectations.  I now walk with a straight back, have good posture, feel better than I have in years and have more flexibility than I ever thought I could achieve.  Oh and of course, now I can open that window without pain.  What more could I ask for!"

(58 year old female) May 2014


"I began having treatment with Mary Simpson because I had problems with my neck she gave both expert advice regarding exercises to alleviate the problems & also administered therapeutic interventions & manipulations that gave instant relief. I had a long standing hip problem that Mary's interventions helped significantly. I am a sportsman who has greatly benefited from the treatment & advice I have received from Mary & would recommend other's to make an appointment if they are suffering with injuries long standing, short term or aches & pains. On the whole a very experienced health professional."

Keith Newton Feb 2014



"Willow House was recommended to me by a friend, after several years of getting nowhere with my worsening condition. From the start I found Mary to be very friendly, approachable and understanding. I felt instantly at ease.
Mary has a wealth of experience and knowledge and immediately knew what the root of my problems were.
In addition Mary went the extra mile for me and researched a selection of reputable, qualified surgeons for my injury.
I fully trust Mary's honest, no nonsense approach and would not hesitate to recommend Willow House to anyone. I finally feel like I am moving forward!"

Lindsay Leggate

(Teacher and P E Specialist) Feb 2014


"I like many other 'too keen' sportspeople had left my shoulder injury too long before seeking advice and I had been told by several professionals that it was something I was 'just going to have to live with '. Not satisfied with that answer I was encouraged to try Mary. I knew immediately I was going to like her approach as she had an incredibly positive attitude which matched my own determination to get back to playing sport. Her knowledge and ability to explain what was going on with my body was really informative and helped enormously with my rehabilitation. Mary took the time to get to know me and to provide exercises that could fit into my routines and classes that I attended. I always left my appointments feeling like I had taken a big step forward in my recovery.
Did I also mention that her warmth and sense of humour made my appointments a pleasure to attend? I have recommended  Mary to several very grateful friends."
Shona Dickson
(Now happily back playing tennis !) Dec 2013




"Many thanks for all your help. I firmly believe one of the best ways of advertising is by word of mouth and I will have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone."

Darren Lloyd

(Football Coach and Dad!)