What can Physiotherapy do for me?

Physiotherapy helps to restore movement and function for people who are affected by injury, illness or disability. We will use movement, exercise and manual (hands on) therapy​ to help you get back to being yourself! There are a range of treatments we can use depending on the injury but all will require a full assessment to make sure that your treatment is effective. The first appointment you come for is usually an hour in length to make sure that we fully understand your problem, discuss your goals and start on your treatment pathway. 

Physiotherapy in BIllinghay near Sleaford, Coningsby, Metheringham, Woodhall Spa

What Treatments are Available?

Physiotherapy ​Treatment is different for each person. You could be recovering from a sports injury or  suffering from back pain due to your posture. Each injury is different and therefore each treatment programme is individual. Your physiotherapy treatment programme will probably include some hands on treatment, advice, possibly electrotherapy such as ultrasound and simple exercises to do at home. Without your own effort you won't make such good improvements or regain your strength and mobility but we will lead you into the exercises in a way that is easy to understand and appropriate for your personal goals. We have provided treatment helping Tough Mudders, GB triathletes and also older people regain their movement so that they can get back to the hobbies they love. We see many people after orthopaedic surgery such as ligament and joint replacements and offer manual therapy and a full rehabilitation programme. All are of equal importance to you as individuals and to us as your Physiotherapists.

  Deep Oscillation


DEEP OSCILLATION ® is a massage therapy that originates from Germany. It is based on the principle of creating low- frequency and very gentle electrostatic impulses in the patient's tissue as the gloved hand of the therapist glides above. The tissue is attracted and released between 5 and 250 times a second, causing a "kneading" of the tissue and a basic movement of the substance therein. Penetrating all tissue layers through the skin, subcutaneous fat,  muscles, blood and lymph vessels, it also has clinically proven effects in the connective tissue up to 6cm deep. Scientifically researched frequencies cause the excess inflammatory by-products, protein solids and build-up of lymph fluid to be  powerfully and yet gently pumped out of the tissue, leaving the area free to embark on its natural healing process.


We have these machines in each treatment room as we find them a very useful tool for gently reducing pain and inflammation in addition to our other hands on treatments. Mary introduced this device into the clinic after seeing it in action reducing swelling in a knee when she was at a Physio First conference several years ago and has since purchased a further 2 machines as she finds them so effective.

Physiotherapy in BIllinghay near Sleaford, Coningsby, Metheringham, Woodhall Spa
           Sports Injuries Treatment


​We use a variety of physiotherapy joint techniques, soft tissue massage and specific, targeted exercises to treat injuries. We will also assess your biomechanics and movement patterns to assess the cause of your injury, particularly if if you have had a recurring injury. We will advise you on how to help yourself get better to make sure that you are back to your chosen sport as soon as possible. Simple orthotic (insoles) provision and fitting is available.  

Physiotherapy in BIllinghay near Sleaford, Coningsby, Metheringham, Woodhall Spa


​Therapeutic taping is used within physiotherapy to support joints and muscles without restricting movement and can also be used to assist lymphatic drainage. This helps to encourage healing and relieve short term pain. Specific sports taping can help to facilitate muscle groups to improve performance. We use both traditional physiotherapy strapping and Rocktape or Kinesio-Taping (a revolutionary new system of taping now used extensively in elite sport; the bright blue or pink tape you may have seen on athletes on TV). Mary has extensive experience in the use of taping and finds it can be very therapeutic in the retraining of movement patterns as well as treating acute sports injury.

Physiotherapy in BIllinghay near Sleaford, Coningsby, Metheringham, Woodhall Spa
           Manual Therapy "Hands On treatment"


We use a variety of physiotherapy mobilisation techniques for the joints and soft tissues to help realign the body, improve joint congruency, range and quality of movement. We may use massage therapy to encourage blood flow and to optimise nutrition to the impaired area. Myofascial and viscerofascial techniques, gently moving the soft tissue to improve movement, are helpful to loosen and encourage rehydration of fibrous tissue and are often incorporated into treatment sessions. Our aim is to improve your ability to move and this usually helps to alleviate pain.

Physiotherapy in BIllinghay near Sleaford, Coningsby, Metheringham, Woodhall Spa
           Neck, Back and Pelvis Problems


Spinal conditions are often caused by poor posture and an imbalance of muscles that support the spine. Joints become dysfunctional and cause pain. A variety of physiotherapy treatment techniques, including muscle energy and strain/counterstrain therapy, exercise therapy and postural and ergonomic advice are available to address short and long term issues. 

One of the health products we find most useful is the Gravity ( www.gravitylife.co.uk). Gravity, also known as Posture Key is a revolutionary new health care system, yet simple and easy to use. It is a drug free injury solution and I have been using it with great effect for people who have had long term pain and had some great results. It seems to really help with fascial release and resetting the neural systems to allow normalised movement. With the new movement patterns the pain just seems to ease. I  often loan one out for our clients to use for a 2 week trial before they buy and at the moment 80% of the clients who borrow one choose to buy it after the trial. When used in addition to local "hands on " treatment, the results have been great.

Physiotherapy in BIllinghay near Sleaford, Coningsby, Metheringham, Woodhall Spa
           Pre & Post Operative Rehabilitation


Before surgery it is important that the body is prepared for the necessary rehabilitation you will need after your operation. We are able to provide specialist physiotherapy advice to help you gain the maximum benefit helping to return you to your activities as soon as possible. After your surgery we can provide you with a rehabilitation programme to enhance your recovery and help you get back to the activities you enjoy. Mary and Lesley have particular expertise in the rehabilitation of orthopaedic surgery including ligament reconstruction, arthroscopy and joint replacement.

Physiotherapy in BIllinghay near Sleaford, Coningsby, Metheringham, Woodhall Spa
           Upper & Lower Limb Problems


Using a variety of manual and exercise therapy, biomechanical corrections, simple orthotics to help correct your foot posture, soft tissue elongation (stretching), taping & fascial techniques, we can help to restore you to your usual activities.

Physiotherapy in BIllinghay near Sleaford, Coningsby, Metheringham, Woodhall Spa
Physiotherapy in BIllinghay near Sleaford, Coningsby, Metheringham, Woodhall Spa
         Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is a series of mat based exercises in various different body positions which have been adapted by physiotherapists to make them more suitable for patients with back and neck pain, and those recovering from injury. We can progress your exercise programme as you improve, to ensure that the exercise is still sufficiently challenging and maximise your benefits from your physiotherapy treatment. We also offer clinical Pilates as part of rehabilitation which we find useful to keep our clients motivated and progressing with their exercises.


           Arthritic Joints


We use various manual physiotherapy techniques and range-of-motion exercises to help relieve stiffness and increase your ability to move your joints through an improved range of movement. We are also able to offer pre & post-operative physiotherapy for joint replacement surgery and have helped many people strengthen their muscles and stabilise their joints reducing pain and improving everyday function. 

Physiotherapy in BIllinghay near Sleaford, Coningsby, Metheringham, Woodhall Spa
           Ergonomic Advice

Mary has studied Occupational Health within Physiotherapy at Masters level and she is able to assess your posture and offer advice in a range of work based activities. Even if you just work from home  (see Richard in his home office) or use a laptop/tablet device, the way you sit could be having an impact on your health and well-being. Mary is able to offer individual solutions to improve your posture and reduce the effects of prolonged sitting. 


Physiotherapy in BIllinghay near Sleaford, Coningsby, Metheringham, Woodhall Spa