Personal Training

Thank you to all our clients who have sent in testimonials.See our Facebook page for more.

"I have been training with Richard for 6 months now and am glad to say that I am feeling fitter and more motivated than I have in years. I find I am less tired at the end of a busy week and feel healthier. I still don't like running but at least Richard makes me work harder doing intervals and I'm really pushing myself harder than I can manage on my own. I just keep paying for 10 sessions at a time as it keeps me more motivated to use them. I am aiming to run 10km in the summer so will keep going as I like to have goals for me to aim for. Thanks Rich."


Miss A R March 2016



" I had been in good shape, a long time ago, and after a bit of a health scare, I approached Richard to see if he could help me improve my body shape, get fitter and also find some of that energy I remember having when I was in better condition. Richard was really motivating and having listened to what my aims were, then did some fitness and strength testing with me to work out which areas we needed to prioritise. I hadn't realised he would find so many! It has taken a few weeks and some hard work on my part but Richard has really motivated me to make some changes to my diet and got me back on track with exercise. I am enjoying life again, have more energy and my GP is happy because my cholestrol levels and my weight have come down too. I have enjoyed the variety of training Richard has provided and to my surprise, really found the Z trainer to be well as hard work. I am keeping going with my individual programme and after a course of 10 sessions, really seeing good results so will book my next 10 sessions now to keep me motivated!"


VL Coningsby Nov 2013


" I contacted Richard to try to get back into running after being injured a couple of years ago. He took time to find out what I needed to concentrate on to get fit enough to start running again. He use the Functional Movement screen to score my flexibility and core strength and while I only scored 11/21 initially, after 8 weeks of doing the correctional exercises and having exercise sessions at Willow House I had improved to 15/21. My muscle strength, tone and flexibility had then improved enough to start run/walking and Richard took me out for several interval sessions which I would never have tried on my own. I now do 2 sessions on my own and 1 with Richard each week to keep my motivation going. I am getting married next year, am losing weight and toning up so I am not buying my dress yet as I am sure I will be in even better shape by then. I am going to keep on going, and I have surprised myself at how much I have improved and actually enjoy the training again. Thanks!"


P Richards Mar 2014


"I have been trying to motivate myself to lose weight and get fit after having a baby last year and I have found Richard to be very helpful in helping me achieve my goals.I am not quite back to pre baby weight or shape(!) but I am keeping going. I find the breadth of experience Richard has as a personal trainer keeps me interested and his varied sessions work me hard. I have surprised myself at how much I like the boxercise and it has really helped me tone up my pecs and arms. I have a programme to do for sessions at home and although I initially had personal training every week I  now just see Richard once a month to keep me on track and progress as I get stronger and fitter."


M Apr 2014