Demonstration of the Footscan in clinic

In this area you can find videos showing you how to perform the different exercises you have been set by your practitioner

McGill Exercises

Cat Camel
Bird Dog Series
Side Bridge Beginner
Side Bridge Intermediate
Side Bridge Hand on Hip
Side Bridge Advanced

Short Glutes Programme

Please do not do these exercises unless you have been taught them by your Willow House Physiotherapist.  These videos and Word documents are for you to use as reminders for exercises you have already been taught. Thank you.

Deep neck stability exercises

Chest stretch/upper back decompression. Do not use Chi ball if you have osteoporosis or a vertebral fracture in the area even if it has healed

Shoulder exercises

Rotator cuff isometric 1

Rotator cuff 2 with theraband

Prone cobra

Activation scapula stabilisers 1

Activation scapula stabilisers 2 with Press Up on door

Shoulder mobility/control

Balance and strength Programme 1

Mobility and strength Programme 1

All the Balls Programme 1

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